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Digital storytelling meets

social interconnectivity



Enter the world of TipsyCat and his eccentric friends. This portal acts as a gateway to exploring topics, facts, gossip, and opinions as seen through the eyes of a bunch of quirky animal cartoons that somehow ended up living in the human world. There are no limits or bounds to what these crazy characters might cover in their stories, essays, memes or rants. Fact, Fiction, Opinion. You can find it here.





State Street Media, LLC combines 10+ years of web property development and management, media buying, and online advertising expertise. Emphasizing both creative and socio-technical engagement with our audiences, State Street Media ignites continuous user interconnectivity across multi-channel involvements. This in turn fosters lively digital personalities that tell vivacious stories and heightens the conversations and interactions between online users in different social spheres.


“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”  – John Ruskin

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